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Golden Wellness Center

Providing Balanced Growth
For The Body & Mind

Individual Counseling

Mental Health & Substance Abuse

Specializing in:



*Family Counseling

*Legal Issues/Legal Requirements

*Grief and Loss


*Stress Reduction

*Relationships & Divorce


*Finding Meaning in Life 



Group Counseling

The Following Groups Will Be Offered:

*Healthy Living

*Addiction: Relapse Prevention & Early Recovery

Image by taylor hernandez

Animal Assisted Therapy

With Our Registered
Onsite Therapy Dog
Willie Nelson.
(A favorite among many people)


If We Can't Meet
Your Needs
We Will Help You Find The Right Fit

We have relationships with many providers in the community and can assist you in finding the proper services you are seeking, such as:

*Medication for Mental Health and/or Addiction

*Assistance with Getting into Detox/Inpatient 

*Sober Living 


*Eating Disorders

*Other Needs Not Listed

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